Making Your Script Hollywood Submission Ready

With almost twenty years of on-set experience, I will help take your script to the next level.  


Presentation is everything. You may have the most incredible story on the market, but unless your script meets industry standards, it will probably never be read. The only way to cash in on your skills is to be "Hollywood Submission Ready."  In addition to a great story, the proper formatting, the correct length, and the right pace and tone are the keys to a successful script. My script edit and polish will help get your story ready for submission, read and sold.

Script Edit & Polish


This service is perfect for, but not limited to, the foreign writer who wants to sell a script in Hollywood. If your script contains incorrect phrases, tenses or grammar, it is almost guaranteed that it will end up in the trash and never be read.


Your script will be transformed from non-native speakers' English into perfect American English. It will read as if it has been written by an American; with all grammar, phrasing, and tenses corrected.

I will use my extensive script knowledge to transform your screenplay into a script that meets industry standards and is Hollywood submission ready. I will also suggest cuts and additions that will improve the overall pace and tone of your script.


Included in the script edit & polishing service is a full conversion of your script into Final Draft - a specific script formatting program that is the standard format for scripts in Hollywood.


This is not a re-write; I do not get a writing credit for this service. This service is an edit and a polish that will make your script ready for submission, increasing your script's chance of being read. I can not pass your script along to producers or directors.


My task is to edit and polish your finished script and therefore increase your chance of success.


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